Ultimate Digital have printed these vibrant variable design dog treat bags. Digital print have enabled Dog gone Fishin’ an SME to have a small print run allowing them to print 17 different designs, 34,000imps and 2,000 of each equating in 4,590 meters of film produced . This has been a cost effective method, as there are no plate fees! Producing high quality pouches that stand out off the shelves. We worked with the designers to achieve the vibrant colours that allow these pouches to make a real impact, we even produced two test print runs to make sure that the packaging was perfect to fit their needs. These glossy luxury pouches are made from Polyester to PE, fantastic for holding some tasty dog treats. With responsive and flexible lead times these pouches where ordered mid-march and delivered early April, with repeat orders already being placed! With our experience and expertise we can help your brand and company find the perfect packaging for your product, get in touch today.