Children at The William Gladstone Church of England Primary Academy are encouraged by their school to eat a healthy diet. Now, with the help of a brand called Kids Ink. they have designed their very own, eco-friendly and high-tech lunch bags to keep their packed lunches fresh.

Head of School, Mr Mitton, said that the children were enthusiastic about the opportunity to design their personalised bags.

“We are grateful to Kids Ink. who asked the children to design their own personalised lunch bags. The children set about the task with gusto and alongside their designs, the company printed each pupils’ name and class too. As an added benefit, the lunch bags have a bio-master lining which is designed to kill most harmful bugs. As Design Technology is an essential part of our curriculum, giving our pupils the chance to create meaningful items with specific purposes is important.”

Mr Mitton says

“We have also given every child their own reusable water bottle to encourage healthy drinking as part of our ongoing healthy lifestyle plan. Anything that we can do to encourage the children to eat healthily is worthwhile, and now the children have their own bags and bottles to keep their healthy food safe.”