Ultimate Digital invited Middlethorpe Primary Academy school children to participate in a fun interactive day of learning, and to watch their very own unique Kid’s Ink designs being digitally printed.

Kids Ink is a web to print platform that allows children to design a completely unique personalised lunch bag. The purpose of Kid’s Ink is to educate children in being environmentally friendly, but in a fun, creative and interactive way.

The bags are lined with Bio-master material which means that the surface of the bag is given extra protection and will reduce the ability of harmful bacteria to grow on the surface. This means that the bag is easily wipe-able and can be used time and time again.

Middlethorpe Primary Academy participated in a trial run of the new Kids Ink brand which will be fully launching this August. A class of 31 school children came bouncing through the doors with excitement to see their very own designs print. The day consisted on fun interactive workshops where the kids got to learn about the new exciting technologies that digital print can offer the market place, but most importantly learn about sustainability and packaging. The children also got to play with new interactive concepts that are not even launched on the market yet, which the children were ecstatic about. Overall the day got a big thumbs up from the children with more than positive feedback of “cool” “amazing” and “extravagant” to sum up their experience.

“The children have had a really good day, and an appreciation of how things are made from design to product. Also being able to do design and technology and promote healthy schools outside the classroom, is really valuable for learning” Michael Elliott Assistant Head at Middlethorpe Primary Academy.

These bags are a great learning tool for any school to fit into their curriculum, it has been proven that children learn best with Active engagement, getting hands on experience to enhance their understanding of a topic and retention. Kid’s Ink is one of the best ways to deliver fun and exciting lessons for all kids to enjoy. Why not start off the school year with a fun engaging project! That children get to keep and enjoy every day at lunch.